23 Mar

Hello, I am the Map Thinker™.

If you like to think this is the place for you.

If you like to think effectively, creatively, and quickly, this is the place for you.

If you suspect Logic may not be the best way to think — Then this IS the place for you.

There are better ways to reason than using Logic. In fact Logic has only a limited use. To make the situation worse many people who claim to be “Logical” have only a limited grasp of what Logic really is.

Here we will explore simple, effective, naturally human, ways to reason. We will explore those ways your mind was designed to reason naturally.

And we will explore how to deal with those people who try to demean your lines of reasoning by proclaiming, “That’s not logical!”

Have you ever had someone tell you that and you knew you were right and they were wrong? But you didn’t know how to reply to them? Have you ever felt frustrated when someone took your argument apart using so-called “logic”? And all the while you knew they the ones being unreasonable — But you didn’t know how to answer their “logical” arguments?

Then this is the place for you.

Here you will learn how to think Illogically with pride — And how to defuse arguments from people who think they are logical but in reality are not.

I hope you are going to enjoy reading these blogs as much as I am going to enjoy writing them.

My intention is to blog at least once a week. More often if I have time.

In the mean time remember: Thinking is fun. Take your mind out to the park every day and let it play.

(C) 2013 all rights reserved.


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