Let me introduce myself.

I’m the guy who forgot who Wittgenstein was.

One day I was talking with a girl at work. She is a college girl and taking all the subjects I ever loved. Philosophy, Linguistics, Culture, Anthropology, Etc.

I’m incapable of not talking about these things if I’m in the presence of someone who understands the subject matter.

One day she mentioned Wittgenstein.

“I never heard of him,” I said. “Wonder how I missed him.” so I went over to Gutenberg.org and downloaded the Tractatus. where I found:

5.123 If a god creates a world in which certain propositions are true, he creates thereby also a world in which all propositions consequent on them are true. And similarly he could not create a world in which the proposition “p” is true without creating all its objects.

In my next conversation with her I asked, “You mean to tell me in 3,000 or so years of philosophy nobody else said this extremely obvious statement until 1920 or something?”

She pointed out Wittgenstein said a lot of things that were implied in other writings but had not been stated directly before.

“So,” I countered, “I have a lot of philosophical ideas I use on a daily basis that have been implied by philosophers but I have never seen them stated directly.

“Does that mean I should start publishing?”

“Of course,” she replied. “All you need is an ego as monumental as Wittgenstein.”

After due consideration of forty-five and three quarter seconds I concluded that my ego is at least as monumental as Wittgenstein’s.

I decided not to read any more Wittgenstein than I already had until I codified my own views. This so he would not unduly influence the concepts I had developed.

After about six months of putting my ideas together into a coherent whole I sat down and read more of his works.

It was then I realized I HAD read Wittgenstein in the past and he already had influenced me unduly. Many, if not most, of my ideas are extrapolated from things he had written that I had read long ago and forgotten.

So now I am the guy who remembers who Wittgenstein was.

Nice to meet you.

Hopefully you will enjoy reading all these things I consider obvious and implied but have never seen stated directly before as much as I am enjoying writing them.


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