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21 Dec

Two blogs ago I introduced The Concept Line™.  It is a simple, basic concept. Aristotlean Logic can be used in conjunction with it. And weighty subjects can be dealt with using it.

In order to demonstrate how difficult, weighty, lofty, and important a subject can be dealt with I chose to deal with “Evil”. A subject that has taunted scientists, theologians, and philosophers, for ages.

What is Evil?

Why does Evil exist?

Why does God allow Evil?

How does a good person deal with Evil in their lives?

How does Evil effect you?

All of these questions and more rely on a fallacious mental tick of the human mind that Aristotlean Logic caters too. All of the answers which follow these questions rely on the same fallacious mental tick.

All of these mental ticks can be summed up in “The Map Is Not the Territory”. A term coined by Alfred Korzybski and best explained here: http://wiki.lesswrong.com/wiki/The_map_is_not_the_territory.

But let us build up.

Start simple.

In order to fully understand any abstract term Evil included, one must first understand a “Concrete” term.

Such as a hammer.

Yet when we attempt to determine the simplistic, concrete term “hammer” we find ourself faced with the word and how it is used grammatically. Unfortunately “Good Grammar” has done more to inhibit our ability to reason well than it has to increase our ability to communicate well.

The next blog will start by undoing the harm that was done to your mind as a young child when you were first introduced to, and forced to learn, “Good Grammar”.

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