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The Seventh Law of Identity

21 Jul

A = A

A = DRip/Tn -^->DQ/Tn  = I (EE)/Tn <-^- P/Tn -^-> B -^ -> FAR/Tt

Should be complicated enough. However something obvious is missing. The answer to the question, “What is P?” It is easy to develop the superior position and assume that “P” refers to the human perceiver. 

But it isn’t true.

P is any Perceiver.

A cow perceives grass. The grass, though totally passive in this situation has produced a change in action and desire in the cow. Because of this the cow eats the grass. This produces further change in the cow and the grass responds by re-growing itself if its root system is strong enough.

Oooops. Lets look closer at the grass:

In the November American Journal of Botany, Susan Dudley, a McMaster University biologist says common flowering plants devote less energy to growing roots when surrounded by family. In the presence of unrelated plants, individuals grow their roots as fast, and as competitively as possible. 

So now at a grassroots level you have mutual perception. 

In other words P -^-> I <-^- P.

Or at this level A -^-> I <-^- A. 

In a way we have come full circle. 

The only difference between A and P is DRip/T.

If we say that P = (DRip/T) where P has the Greatest Variety of Action, and A = (DRip/T) where A has the the Least Variety of Action then we can establish three states of A <-^-> P interaction.

A <-^-> A 

Where both A’s have limited awareness and interaction with each other. Plants recognizing related members and then competing less for resources would be an A <-^-> A situation.

A <-^-> P

A cow eating a blade grass, or choosing to eat another blade of grass. A scientist looking through a microscope. A doctor choosing an antibacterial agent. 

There is a story wherein a student asks the Zen Master, “What if you are walking in the woods and meet a tiger?”

“Perhaps,” answers the Master, “The tiger is not hungry.”

Thus even though the Human is the more adaptable and has a greater ability to reason; in this case the tiger is in control, it is the P and the human is the A. 

Understanding the relationship A <-^-> P it should never have surprised anyone that bacteria, and obvious A was able to adapt and virtually outsmart the Human P with all of its antibacterials. 

Then we have P <-^-> P where both DRip/T’s have high, and fairly equal Variety of FAR/Tt

If this strikes anyone as familiar let me point out that we have just arrived at a form of Cybernetics. In fact we are looking at a simplified rule of The Law of Requisite Variety. That which has the greatest Variety of action in any given system controls the system. 

Which in turn leads us into Systems Theory wherein we can see:

A (or P) = DRip/Tn -^-> DQ/Tn  = I (EE)/Tn <-^- A (or P) = DRip/Tn -^-> B -^ -> FAR/Tt

As a system. 

We can “Black Box” any part or parts of the formula and concentrate on the particular part we are interested in examining. I personally feel the most interesting parts are the “bumps in the road” as I call them, “^”. 

Thus P1 -^-> I <-^- P2 applied to Schrödinger’s cat means that you are also in a state of questionable existence until the cat sees you. 

We can expand and contract any system for as many A’s and P’s as we want to include or exclude from the system. 

Once you actually examine A and the meanings of A all of this is obvious. Once you get past the A = A and face reality as it is these things are obvious, even necessary. 

I hope you have enjoyed, and profit from, my presentation.

To me the subject is fascinating.

It is unlikely I will get this complex again. 

Doesn’t matter. There are a lot more implications to Map Thinking™.



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